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There is a large change that if you don’t know Google’s AdWords system, you can burn through a lot of money. We show you how the platform works, develop a keyword strategy and then implement landing pages that converts that traffic into paying customers.


Confused about which online marketing opportunities are right for you, LME can cut through the hype and help your business select the online marketing tools that work best for you. We design an online marketing strategy built on your budget and your marketing goals.


Facebook Marketing is 1 of the 2 most successful platforms for reaching potential clients. We do split testing to get your CPC low, develop strategies and content that perform and implement landing pages that gets the information you need to develop a relationship

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Online Marketing is wide open to those willing to get ahead of the market.  Most business owners view online marketing as a foreign and potentially dangerous expenditure when the truth is that it’s the most calculated investment you can make.  We educate our clients on the strategies that work, develop messaging that adheres to their brand and then work together to pick a budget that will bring results.  Everything in Online Marketing can be tracked, so within just a few days you will know what’s resonating and what isn’t.