What is the best MX logic McAfee SAAS replacement?

What is the best MX logic McAfee SAAS replacement?

McAfee SaaS Spam Filtering was the number one service for small and medium sized business but because they were not number 1 or 2 for Fortune 500 companies Intel decided to put an end of life to their service and leave many MSPs, SMBs and IT Consultants left wondering what solution to switch to.

I, like many others I’m sure, had to go through the process of Googling, networking and testing different solutions and wanted to share my findings on the SaaS’ that I tested.  I am going to focus on the 3 that I found to be in a similar price range and that I found to be the most recommended.

  1. Mimecast

Mimecast seemed to be the most commonly recommended solution on forums like Spiceworks and Reddit but from start to finish I was unhappy w/ Mimecast.  Becoming a partner took constant emailing and following up with my rep.   I got a lot of “sorry, I missed this email”, “I was on vacation” or “didn’t I already send you that”.  Becoming a partner is one time deal so okay, that part was bad but how was the service itself.  Well a lot of the management functions require you to make requests through your tech rep, which is very annoying. I had to have him setup the inbound IP addresses, he had to verify my firewall rules, he had to add the clients to my portal and when it came time to getting help with their portal he kept asking, “did you watch the training videos?”.  I watched some of them yes, but I just want to call and get the answer to a simple question.  I don’t want to watch a 30 minute video that may or may not even cover what it is that I need.  There were other obnoxious aspects to their service but I will leave my analysis of their staff as “not accommodating”.  Not only is the staff weak but so is the knowledgebase.  Worst of all is their portal, talk about a learning curve.  Simple things like Quarantine reports and adding users are buried in strangely named parent categories like (Digest Sets and Inbound Directories).  If you liked McAfee’s portal, you will not like Mimecast’s.  The end user experience was also poor as they try to force all of the spam tweaking to be done through their Outlook plugin, if you don’t use that they have no good secondary options; if you’re a phone or OWA user, well too bad. As someone who uses a lot of SAAS and Partner services, this was one of the worst experiences I can remember.  The reps were a large part of the problem but the Mimecast portal is awful and they were more expensive than most every other option.

  1. EveryCloud

EveryCloud gets you signed up nice and easy and lets you do any and all management without the interference of a tech rep.  My sales rep was nice and I only really have had to deal with them once or twice to get everything purchased and setup.  The portal looks rather dated but everything in it is easy to find and understandable. I got LDAP setup with ease and was able to easily manage users, aliases and domains.  Running message audits is similar to McAfee and so is a lot of the list administration. There is no URL click protect like Mimecast, McAfee and Proofpoint so that was a bit of a negative.  They have an Outlook plugin that works great and a nice portal and quarantine report for those not using Outlook.  The price was almost half that of Mimecast and had a much cleaner user and partner experience.

  1. Proofpoint/Spambrella

Proofpoint was the designated partner for the McAfee transition and because of that they have a built in migration tool to transfer you info from McAfee to Proofpoint.  I did not test this feature but it did seem to be a major selling point for those with years’ worth of whitelists and blacklists.  I found my reps to be capable and on top of things.  One strange aspect of the experience was that Spambrella, another SaaS, was actually a repacking of Proofpoint and because Spambrella sells more licenses that Proofpoint, purchasing Proofpoint through Spambrella was actually the cheaper option.  It was odd but ultimately not a deterrent.  So once we got Spambrella setup I found the portal to look a little dated but to function fairly well.  It is laid out and designed a little backwards but has the key functions and is easy enough to manage.  Their pricing was in EveryCloud range and again, much lower than Mimecast.  They have no Outlook plugin, which is large negative, and they could use a refresh of their portal but ultimately the service was solid and, seeing as they are the dedicated migration partner of McAfee, offers a lot of upside for those looking to make a simple transition.


My choice is definitely EveryCloud.  They do have a little brother feel to Mimecast and some of the other Fortune 500 favorites but as a SMB MSP it fit me and my client base perfectly.  We have been using it for several months and I have no major complaints to share.

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